Enabling neural
networks to perform

With over a decade of experience in the advertising industry, we have developed a self-optimizing solution based on the concept of neural networks, by learning from our best resources and wide experience.

Our Product


We care on giving the best results. This is why we put all efforts on providing the features so our advertisers can trust and rely on what they are buying.


Granular targeting that allows advertisers to reach high value users at scale. Easy to set, yet highly detailed.


We managed to combine the expertise of our best performance heads with the usage of neural networks by our AI team.


Get into the details. Track your audience by each segment. Identify the best results and optimize upon it.


Pick your favorite app and publisher from top SSP’s.

Friendly User Interface

We are proud to offer a simple to use yet sophisticated solution developed to reach campaign goals.


Mobile Apps

We deliver sales. Our platform follows the user from the first ad served, to the installation made, until we reach all the expected KPIs. Our three mobile app solutions, Launch, User Acquisition and Re-engagement were designed perform throughout all stages.


A combination of our proprietary optimization technology and our experienced key account management team allows us to deliver sales to our advertisers by always focusing on KPIs.


Our platform offers effective alternatives for advertisers looking for brand awareness in a fraud free environment. Finding the right audience is the key component for this needs.


We are experts at building long term relationships with our stakeholders.

Our constant growth has been based on four solid pillars that we call the 4T’s “Team, Trust, Technology and Transparency. To succeed at enabling long term relationships we hire exceptional talent. Our team of specialist are fully passionate on delivering positive experiences. We are proud to provide our advertisers and partners a dedicated, passionate, results oriented and culturally diverse team. Our offices in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Holland, Israel, and Malaysia allows our company to combine an experienced global workforce with local market expertise.

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