Banner Ad Basics

A banner advertisement is a form of online advertising through banners, originally click through rectangular images typically located at the top of a webpage, banner ads have come a long way since their origins. The essential purpose of the banner ad, is to display an image or advertisement that catches the user’s attention and gets them to click on it.

There was a study that found that users who ended up on a website redirected from a banner ad were 70% more likely to complete a desired action than those who visited the page via any other medium. Another study showed that banner ads have a 33% higher response rate than billboards, which are mostly use to promote brand awareness and top of mind.

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Your Guide to Display Advertising Metrics

Display marketing refers to visual advertisements seen online, typically in the form of banner ads, which use visuals, compelling images, text, logos and animation to place a message on the internet. We’ve discussed banner advertising and its effectiveness on the blog and would like to follow up now by discussing the metrics that can be used to measure this effectiveness. These are the tools used to measure the success of your display advertising campaign.

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