Banner Ad Basics

A banner advertisement is a form of online advertising through banners, originally click through rectangular images typically located at the top of a webpage, banner ads have come a long way since their origins. The essential purpose of the banner ad, is to display an image or advertisement that catches the user’s attention and gets them to click on it.

There was a study that found that users who ended up on a website redirected from a banner ad were 70% more likely to complete a desired action than those who visited the page via any other medium. Another study showed that banner ads have a 33% higher response rate than billboards, which are mostly use to promote brand awareness and top of mind.

So, how do they work?

In its most simple definition, the idea is to create an advertisement that can be located somewhere on a website and make it attractive enough for the person browsing your page to click on. Some ads can be made to be just informative ones, therein not clickable, but if your goal is to generate more immediate results for your business, we recommend the clickable type.

You will then have to purchase ad space from a variety of companies that sell it, if you intend on publishing your advertisement on spaces outside of your own business webpage. There are companies that can help you to distribute your ads so that you make the best of the space and money.

How can banner ads help you?

  1. Generate Traffic: Banner advertising is best used as a form to generate traffic to your website. Create an ad that is visually stimulating or interesting enough to click on and drive traffic to your page. Important to note here, is to create an ad and publish it on a page that is either high in traffic or part of a niche page that would be attractive to your target consumer.
  2. Brand Awareness: You can also create banner ads to boost top of mind for your product. Top companies will use this brand advertising strategy to remind consumers of their brand and keep their company name fresh in consumer’s minds.
  3. Call Your User to Action: You can also create a banner ad to use within your own business web page. If you want to remind your user to try a specific product or to sign up for your web mailing list, an eye-catching banner can redirect them to the page where they can do that.

In short, banner ads can be a useful way to get users to a specific place. They require good design and a specific intent, banner ads today are smarter than before and placed in more effective ways than they once were.

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