How to Build Up a Successful Online Campaign

It’s the new year, you want to reach new customers but you’re working off of last year’s resources. Creating an online marketing campaign doesn’t have to difficult—or costly. The key is knowing your consumer. With your target market well-defined, following these five steps will help you build a successful online campaign that gets you the result you want!

  • Step One: Know Your Consumer

Define your ideal customer. Who are you trying to reach? How old are they? Are they male or female? What is their house hold income? What does leisure look like for them? What does their use of technology look like? How much time do they spend online? And where?

Do not be afraid to make your customer as specific as possible—this will not be a limitation to you but an asset. The better defined the target for your product is, the higher your chances of your service or product ending up visible to someone it may really interest.

  • Step Two: Choose Your Target

Now you must define where to place your ads. For your online campaign to be successful ask yourself what sites your customer uses. What websites complement each other that will help you cross promote to your visitors? Do you have any competitors? Where are they advertising? Where are they not?

  • Step Three: Plan a Budget

It’s only after figuring out your targets that you can plan your budget. Go through your list of targets and prioritize spots where you think you’ll get most exposure. Divide your budget per targets and spots. As ads start to pull results you can always go back and expand or diminish campaigns that are working or not for you.

  • Step Four: Content Creation

Create your ads. What are you selling? Think beyond your product or purpose per se. What is the experience you’re selling, what emotions do you want to appeal to? Try focusing on one or two of your best-selling products to highlight in your ad spaces.

  • Step Five: Track and Monitor

Monitor your campaigns. Track the results of your ads. Notice what works and what doesn’t and adjust your targets, budget and strategies accordingly.

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