Demand Side Platform companies: the buyer-seller integration

During the buyer-seller integration, Demand Side Platform companies offer so many opportunities for their audiences. However, many people do not have any idea of how the buyer-seller integration happen. Agencies and companies that provide advertising spaces also automate their processes and collect better results by using the Supply Side Platform.

A Supply Side Platform is a kind of software designed to sell advertising and maximize the prices in an automated way. These platforms allow advertisers to connect their products to various Demand Side Platforms and networks in order to connect consumers.

¿What can Supply Side Platforms do?

A Supply Side Platform serves to indicate three main elements: the spaces, the target audience and the price. So, ¿can Demand Side Platforms and Supply Side Platforms work together? The answer is yes! They seek for the same purposes and work with pre-defined algorithms; these algorithms explore the spaces, formats and purchase in order to fulfill the parameters of the audience. Both of them, work to have better results with more competitive prices.

Digital advertising is bought for a human sales team; it also distributes products and costs instantly. DSP makes this process less costly and more efficient, it also helps with negotiating ad values and advertising insertion requests. For advertisers, using a DSP simplifies the purchasing process across thousands of websites. Thanks to this, the number of potential buyers increases and the management of both parties becomes relevant thanks real-time bidding

If you still don’t use the Demand Side Platform to increase the efficiency of choosing and buying advertising space online, you are in the stone age. Most of the benefits aim at the fact the agencies can ful fill the immediate necessities of their audience; they can communicate instantly with them, answering and offering what they are looking for.

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