Banner Ad Basics

A banner advertisement is a form of online advertising through banners, originally click through rectangular images typically located at the top of a webpage, banner ads have come a long way since their origins. The essential purpose of the banner ad, is to display an image or advertisement that catches the user’s attention and gets them to click on it.

There was a study that found that users who ended up on a website redirected from a banner ad were 70% more likely to complete a desired action than those who visited the page via any other medium. Another study showed that banner ads have a 33% higher response rate than billboards, which are mostly use to promote brand awareness and top of mind.

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How to Build Up a Successful Online Campaign

How to Build Up a Successful Online Campaign - marketing campaing

It’s the new year, you want to reach new customers but you’re working off of last year’s resources. Creating an online marketing campaign doesn’t have to difficult—or costly. The key is knowing your consumer. With your target market well-defined, following these five steps will help you build a successful online campaign that gets you the result you want!

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The Three Mary’s: Marketing, Branding and Advertising

                In the universe of online publicity, there is no way we missed there three important definitions: Marketing, Branding and Advertising. Most of the people believe that is not necessary to know about branding marketing. But, ¿What is a brand without a strategy? Well, it’s simple, let’s imagine a brand as a baby. When companies are giving birth to a brand, immediately needs training. In this case, Marketing is a series of strategies, such as the upbringing method, using methods and techniques that leads it up to the good road; Branding is how other people see the brand and Advertising is how the brand acts in the market.

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