The Benefits of Online Advertising

Benefits of Online Advertising

What are the benefits of online advertising?

If you or business have not considered creating an online campaign as part of your marketing strategy, consider the following benefits and discover why internet marketing is the leading medium for marketing globally.

  1. Low Cost: first and foremost, it is an extremely cost efficient way to get effective results. Every dollar, down to the penny, is strategically placed based on the audience and targets you have defined for your campaign. It is advertising with the lowest cost in comparison to television, radio, and newspaper today.
  2. Convenience: the internet has changed the game in terms of convenience for all industries. We all shop online, watch movies and tv shows online, even order food delivery. Marketing is no different, with a wide array of marketing services that help you to position your business and carry out your online campaign, creating one doesn’t have to take more than a weekend afternoon! (See: How your small business can take advantage of the demand side platform)
  3. Track Your Results: Another huge benefit of advertising online. Most services and software for online campaigning come with detailed measurement tools to help you track your results. See what is resonating with your target consumer and what isn’t. This allows you to see what strategies turn into conversions and adjust what isn’t working on a weekly and even daily basis!
  4. Regional Targeting: We all know that online advertising tools allow you to show your ad exactly who you want to. You can target by gender, age, household income, interest, employment, etc. But another useful resource is the ability to show your ad to a specific state, district, city or town! Perfect for small business owners who want to really hone in on their next door neighbors!
  5. All-day Strategy: Once you’ve set up your target, created your ad, and set up a budget the clock does not stop for your campaign. It will run around the clock regardless of hour or even time zone, so that whenever or wherever your target is logging onto the internet, there is a chance they will see your ad.

The Three Mary’s: Marketing, Branding and Advertising

                In the universe of online publicity, there is no way we missed there three important definitions: Marketing, Branding and Advertising. Most of the people believe that is not necessary to know about branding marketing. But, ¿What is a brand without a strategy? Well, it’s simple, let’s imagine a brand as a baby. When companies are giving birth to a brand, immediately needs training. In this case, Marketing is a series of strategies, such as the upbringing method, using methods and techniques that leads it up to the good road; Branding is how other people see the brand and Advertising is how the brand acts in the market.

                To explain a little bit more about it, here is the basic definition of each word.

  1. Marketing: this term means the image you are presenting to others. It has to do with how you dress, the colors, patterns and ways you choose and also you groom. It depends on the purpose you have. If you are trying to know new people you use certain colors or patterns. It’s the same patterns with a brand, you use strategies to reach the desired audience.
  2. Branding: this term is important in this process. Branding means perceptions. Is the waypeople see you while you are using marketing strategies.
  3. Advertising: this term is as important as it seems. Advertising describes your actions. You need to be connected with your brand in order people catch the message in aright way. On the other hand, if you use strategies that are not in line with the brand, you may confuse or even infuriate your audience.

                In other words, these terms are linked by each other. If you use the right strategy using this terms efficiently, you will get excellent results.